I took the idea back to the drawing board because I believed it had potential. For me, the game was good but was missing a few elements. For my partner, it was just way too complex. I needed to bribe her to play with Nutella which is a pretty sure sign that it’s not going to go well.
I thought back to the 3D field walking system and an idea formulated in my mind.

What if you could play real fields, using my game engine, and it was really simple to play so that even an 8 year old could get involved.

Byron – 2019

So I looked at what I had, adjusted the rules significantly, removed the hex board (taken for the Javascript game) and even removed the grid style version from the cork board. The hex and grids had to go as when you place a real field on this scale tabletop it actually restricts where you can place the players. We can’t have restrictions if this is going to be a simulator of the real game.

Epic Game Bits

Working in this manner would allow the game to be broken down into parts that would allow paintballers to have access to fields (if they didn’t care for the game) and gamers have access to everything. I call that a win win situation.

Byron – 2019

So with totally new, tested and approved rules in hand I realised that to make the game appear more appealing to my partner and advance to the next level. We would need to create a proper mock up.

So the next step was to invest.

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