Welcome to my project blog, where I hope to keep anyone who cares up-to-date with what I’m working on during my free time. I’ve had many years of fun, creativity, adrenaline and excitement – working in the fields of Art, Design and Software Engineering, whilst playing in the arenas of Skateboarding, War gaming, Travelling, Fish Keeping, Snowboarding, Music, Paintball and Real Ale. I’ve reached heights of personal value within each of these areas but never reached any level of public notoriety in any, so I’d consider myself a distinctly average human, living an average life in a rather cold region called England, in the big blue marble we call Earth.

It’s pretty fair to say that the area that has offered me the most joy is the area of Tournament Paintball. It allowed me to travel across Europe and push my body to limits that it never knew was possible. It brought me joy, tears, adventure and a huge array of friends that remain as close as family even a decade after leaving the game. I assure you that if you strap yourself into that ride you’ll go through a tonne of emotions and emerge from the other side with friendship bonds that are near indestructible.

Team Delta 2018 at CPPS UK

Along came 2018 where by this point my dreadlocks were long gone and all the people who I knew had left the game to focus on their careers and families. I decided to have a go at coaching a team myself (which was a new thing for me) and I’m happy to say that regardless of the results and cards that I was given, I tried my best and have no issues admitting that this was not the role for me. It helped though, as it allowed me to stay in the sport without depleting my wallet which was essential at the time as it was the same year that my son was born.

You never know unless you give it a go, right?

Byron – 2019

At the time of writing this post it’s 2019 and I find myself unbound to any team, however, an idea had formed over the previous year which I feel ready to pursue. As with the coaching it’s an area where I have no previous experience, but I believe that I have the personal skills to give it a good shot, regardless of the outcome.

So This blog will be mainly focussed on that.
Wish me luck.
Byron (AKA Nev).

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